Set-up and operational cost have always been the major concerns for every business and specially the industry. And it takes a significant research and expertise to maintain these spirits within profitable range. This research and expertise are hard to manage for every business due to heavy investment in the R&D. Just at this moment A&U comes to the rescue for your business.

A&U International has invested several years refining its ability to satisfy customer demand across business, country and cultural borders. A provider of end-to-end managed global sales channels for selected U.S. manufacturers, A&U has a proven track record for generating profitable revenue growth and improved product loyalty for the industries it represents.

A&U offers instant access to world markets. In a world of product "brokers" and catalogs, A&U stands apart as a value-added service provider. Clients see a promptly quoted, attractively priced, name brand American product. US manufacturers see virtual elimination of foreign uncollectibles, increased international orders, and profit-protected revenues bookable at the time of order.

A&U staffs engineers with a deep understanding of the products and how they can be applied to a variety of process applications. Also on staff are tenured export documentation, sales financing and global distribution specialists who manage the commercial aspects of each international transaction. Creating and managing international sales channels has been A&U's core business for about a decade. Building into every business decision and relationship a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, quality and service, one could say delivering domestic-like service is its mastered art.

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