Process Control and Instrumentation

Butterfly Valves
Cartridge, Strip, and Band Heaters
Check Valves and Orifices
Control Valves
Drum Heaters
Float Valves and Floats
Flow Sights and Switches
Flowmeters and Totalizers
Gate Valves
Globe Valves
Heat Cable
Heat Exchangers
Immersion Heaters
Liquid Chillers
Liquid-Level Sights and Gauges
Liquid-Level Switches
Metal Ball Valves
Mixers and Vibrators
Mixing and Plumbing Valves
Needle Valves
Plastic Ball Valves
Plug Valves and Control Cocks
Pop-Safety and Relief Valves
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Switches and Recorders
Pressure Transducers
Regulating Valves
Sensors and Networked Process Controls
Solenoid Valves
Temperature Controls and Recorders
Thermistors, Thermocouples and RTDs
Water Heaters
Water Purifiers
Water Quality Testers and Controllers
Weather Instruments


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