A&U International is a Texas based export management company which offers you the time proven and trusted services for industrial supplies.

Looking for the best supplies forces any dynamic industrialist to look for international market. Unfortunately most industralists are not prepared for this kind of activity. This drawback is aserious hinderance towards greater margins and productivity. And it must be added that many industries can not afford to invest in this field primarily due to initial heavy budgeting and slow response.

A&U International is a company expertly engineered to support the international clients with requirements for U.S. manufactured industrialization. Our experience of several years in helping both international agent and end-user have perfected their procedures, tightened their tolerances and proven their value. A&U provides international agents and customers access to a variety of U.S. product lines. We deliver complete, accurate and competitive proforma invoices ready for technical and commercial consideration.

Beyond access, quotations and pricing, A&U supplies the agent and end-user critical support services such as sales financing, technical support and promotional assistance. A partnership formed with A&U eliminates the costly, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process of communicating with several U.S. factories. The completeness of the service we provide permits agents to build a strong, satisfied customer base and end-users to produce higher quality, profitable products.


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